Ron & Sharon Dobrovinsky


• Lindy Hop & Blues •

Ron and Sharon aim to bring new insights about the dance to every class they teach. They are known for their ability to simplify complicated concepts and give many practical ways to create harmonic, musical and inspiring dances. Ron & Sharon deliver their classes in a fun and energetic atmosphere with a lot of personal feedback and care.

Ron is a certified fitness trainer with a rich background in martial arts and other dances. He helps dancers create good quality movement in their dance, and provides them with ways to take care of their body and to prevent injuries. Ron constantly studies the history of the dance and enjoys digging deeper into Jazz music, its musicians, grooves and feel. He is always excited to share his insights with his students as well as introduce them to some awesome tunes.

Sharon has been playing Jazz since she was a child and maintains a deep appreciation for the music we dance to. With her extensive musical background, Sharon strives to share interesting and practical ideas on how to connect to music and rhythm. Sharon is a people person and she creates a comfortable atmosphere in her classes with a friendly attitude and lots of personal attention.

Ron and Sharon teach regularly in Europe and teach locally in Israel at Swing It dance school.

YouTube Videos:

Ron & Sharon Dobrovinsky on Youtube - Lindy Hop Ron & Sharon Dobrovinsky on Youtube - Blues Ron & Sharon Dobrovinsky on Youtube - Lindy Hop Ron & Sharon Dobrovinsky on Youtube - Lindy Hop

Sanna Leinonen

Adam LaMontagne

• Lindy Hop & Balboa •

Sanna and Adam have been dancing and teaching swing together for more than ten years. During this time, they have become well known for the joy and skill that they bring to the social dance floor.

Mostly partial to balboa and lindy hop mix & match competitions, they have taken numerous titles individually at events such as The Snowball, European Swing Dance Championships and Balboa Castle Camp, as well as placing in various events in Europe and the US.

In the classroom, they emphasize a solid mix of technique and playfulness resulting in a dynamic and personalized approach to musicality and movement that is accessible to all dancers.

YouTube Videos:

Sanna Leinonen & Adam LaMontagne on Youtube - Balboa Sanna Leinonen & Adam LaMontagne on Youtube - Lindy Hop Sanna Leinonen & Adam LaMontagne on Youtube - Balboa Sanna Leinonen & Adam LaMontagne on Youtube - Balboa

Michal Oblacinski & Kasia Dybowska


• Lindy Hop & Collegiate Shag •

Michal Oblacinski and Kasia Dybowska fell in love with Lindy Hop in 2005, successfully launching the scene in Warsaw in 2009.

From the very beginning they spent most of their spare time travelling around the world first learning and later also teaching the happiest of all dances both locally and internationally.

Since they came across Collegiate Shag in 2014 they are spreading their love for it all around Poland and Europe supporting its global revival everywhere they go. Alongside their students they started the Collegiate Shag fever in Poland.

On a day-to-day basis Michal and Kasia teach weekly Lindy Hop and Collegiate Shag classes and run the Warsaw Shag Team dance troupe in their SWINGOUT.PL Swing Dance Studio.

They are initiators and some of the main organizers of one of the biggest Collegiate Shag festivals in Europe - the Warsaw Collegiate Shag Festival as well as numerous other events.

In swing dancing they are looking for a perfect balance of a general dance technique, natural and functional movement, leading and following skills but also some childish craziness, musicality, fun and raw energy.

YouTube Videos:

Michal Oblacinski & Kasia Dybowska on Youtube - Collegiate Shag Michal Oblacinski & Kasia Dybowska on Youtube - Double Double Shag Michal Oblacinski & Kasia Dybowska on Youtube - Lindy Hop Michal Oblacinski & Kasia Dybowska on Youtube - Collegiate Shag

Tatiana Udry

Daniel Larsson

• Lindy Hop & Solo Jazz •

Tatiana, a native of Haute-Savoie (France), lives in Montpellier, France.

She learnt classical and modern jazz for 12 years. After that she discovered couple dances, before specializing in Lindy Hop and Charleston. She teaches Lindy Hop, Charleston and Solo Jazz Roots. Impressive are her ease of movement, her technical maturity despite her young age and her craziness!

She won many competitions in different categories like Solo Blues, Jazz and Roots Charleston, Jack and Jill, Strictly and also Team, in prestigious events like the European Swing Dance Championships (2015, 2013, 2011), the International Lindy Hop Championships (2013, 2012), Lindy Shock, Paris Jazz Roots…

With inspiration from the original Hoofers, Daniel is one of the dancers that still working in the style and rhythm heritage that once was created by the legends during the era of swing. To dance and to spread the traditional dance style built on rhythm gives him inspiration and the power in life. His ability to dance lots of different styles make him a respectful dancer. As well as a broad variety of Tap styles Daniel also dance traditional Lindy Hop, Charleston, Jazz and is a well educated Modern Jazz & Ballet dancer.

He works professionally at theatres in the musical scene where not only dancing, but also singing and acting is a part of his profession. He´s been working in shows such as Crazy for You, Love Never Dies, Singing in the Rain, Guys and Dolls, Producers, Chicago, La Cage aux Folles, Beauty and the Beast, Grease and many others. Daniel is also in to choreography and he choreographed musicals like The Wild Party, Spelling Bee and Rebellas Skatt.

"Never stop learning” is Daniels guiding principle and motto. He loves taking classes from the best teachers and continue his work to get better and better!

YouTube Videos:

Tatiana Udry & Daniel Larsson on Youtube - Lindy Hop Tatiana Udry & Daniel Larsson on Youtube - Solo Jazz Tatiana Udry on Youtube - Solo Jazz Daniel Larsson on Youtube - Solo Jazz
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