30 Seconds Showcase Competition

Yeah, it's show time! To give you as much time as possible to dance as well as to shine, we decided for the 30 seconds competition. The following rules apply to all participants: Prepare a 30 - 45 seconds showcase to the music of your choice and give it your best shot, on Saturday evening in front of our jury!

Simply sign up for the competition at the registration! The fun is in the foreground and the winning team is rewarded with thunderous applause!

Therefore there are almost no rules for this competition:

Dances: All Swing Club dances are allowed.
(Lindy Hop, Balboa, Shag, Blues, Solo)

Number of participants: Never mind!
Everyone is welcome. Whether solo artist, dynamic duo or a whole troupe.

Length: 30 - 45 seconds

When: Saturday night is show time!

Number of showcases: If there are more than 10 showcases registered for the competition, we will have a preselection via a "video audition".

to Registration

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